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Fueling Guidelines for The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Clark County Fire Department has approved the following fueling guidelines for the upcoming National event. Adherence to these guidelines is necessary to reduce the chance of static electricity causing a fire during fueling operations.


Main Fuel Depot

The container being filled and the nozzle dispensing the fuel must be electrically bonded.

If a vehicle is being filled directly from the tank, the tank and the vehicle must be electrically bonded.


Pit Fueling/Mixing Operations

Where dispensing/mixing occurs into a metal container, the metal containers must be electrically interconnected. This can be achieved by either placed the container on a metallic floor plate where dispensing container’s fill stem is electrically connected to the plate or bonding the fill stem of the dispensing container to the fill container.

Where dispensing/mixing occurs into a plastic container, the container must be placed on a metallic floor plate to which the dispensing container’s fill stem is bonded.


Vehicle Fueling in the Pits

When fuel is dispensed into a vehicle in the pits, the two shall be connected with a bonding wire regardless of the material that the container is made of.


If you have any question please contact Craig Sanford at 661-857-0147.