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Tuesday Tech Question presented by Evans Coolant



I am finishing up the chassis on my new altered that I plan to debut soon.  I would like to install a rear wing on the roll cage, but I would like to know if there are any rules I should be aware of before mounting it to the chassis.


For all open-wheel/body cars where rear wings are permitted and mounted to the roll cage, the wing may either be fully mounted to the roll cage via plates and/or short brackets; maximum 6 inches center-to-center between the upper (wing tab) and lower (roll cage tab) bolts or have a roll-cage shroud. A multi-piece shroud is permitted. The shroud must be constructed of minimum .075- inch Grade 2 ASTM-B-265 titanium or .090-inch 4130 steel and must be shaped to conform to the roll cage. The shroud must be attached to each of the side bars with a minimum of three 1/4-inch-minimum-diameter Grade 8 bolts and bosses per side, to the top with one 1/4-inch-minimum-diameter Grade 8 bolt and boss, and to the rear bars with a minimum of two 1/4-inchminimum- diameter Grade 8 bolts and bosses per side. Tabs with bolt and nut, where the nut is welded to the tab, may be used in place of the bosses. Absolutely no components may be mounted to the helmet shroud above the top of the shoulder hoop. Bolt heads must be 1⁄2-inch hex-style head.