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2018 NHRA Contingency Program Updates and Reminders

Program Requirements

All Sponsors require use of posted product and display of posted product decal beginning with the first round of eliminations. One decal (total of 2 per posted product) must be displayed on each outboard side of the vehicle and be clearly visible when viewing the vehicle from a 90 degree angle. Decals placed on inside rear wing spill plates, deck lids, front or rear valance/bumper areas are not considered legal and will not be verified by NHRA Officials.


Helmets must be SA 2015 to be eligible for 2018 Contingency Payouts.  This is also noted on the Contingency Verification sheets

Additional Sponsor Requirements

Please refer to and review the Additional Sponsor Requirements on this page:  http://www.nhra.com/competition/contingency?con=ReqContingency

Associate or Complimentary Level Sponsors

At the National Event level, some companies posting in the Associate or Complimentary Level programs may not post at all 24 national events.  Please see individual event posting or contact the posting sponsor directly.

Stacking of decals is NOT permitted, and is noted on the Verification Sheets

PSD on the Verification sheets stands for Product Specific Decal.  A generic company decal does NOT qualify for this.  Ex:  Simpson requires product specific decals for each of their postings.  A generic Simpson decal does not qualify for the Simpson Helmet posting – racer must have Simpson Helmet decal on both sides of the car.