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2019 SAMTech.edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Rules and Procedures

Document Revision History


Initial Release: 2/1/2019


2nd Release: 3/7/2019: Changed 2019 Mustang Cobra Jet 327 horsepower from 595HP to 610HP, Added Points and Related Programs Section


3rd Release: 3/20/2019: Changed upper supercharger pulley sizes on 2019 COPO 350 and 2019 Cobra Jet 327 combinations.


4th Release: 5/1/2019: Changed supercharger overdrive on both the 2019 COPO 350 and the 2019 Cobra Jet 327. Added maximum weight on all combinations.


At the eight SAMTech.edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown events to be held in 2019, competitors will qualify and compete in their own separate eliminator from Stock. Those not qualifying will not be permitted to run in the Stock eliminator as in past years.


The SAMTech.edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown qualifiers will be competing for the NHRA Wally trophy, event champion’s jacket and an event purse. Factory Showdown qualifiers will not receive Lucas Oil Stock Eliminator national championship points.


 Additional Showdown Rules are listed below:

  • Designation: FS/XX
  • .5 Pro Tree
  • Minimum weight for all pre-2019 Chevrolet COPO and Ford Cobra Jet combinations 3,525 lbs. except for all Ford Cobra Jet combinations with 2.3L Eaton superchargers 3,275 lbs.
  • Minimum weight for the 2015 Drag Pak combination 3,575 lbs.
  • Minimum weight for all 2019 Chevrolet COPO, and Ford Cobra Jet combinations 3,575 lbs.
  • Maximum weight on all combinations 3,600 lbs.
  • Note: NHRA may make adjustments to (minimum weights, supercharger pulley ratios, etc.) at any time to control performance and maintain parity within the category.
  • Permitted Combinations:

Reserved for 2008 and newer Chevrolet COPO, Dodge Drag Pak, and Ford Cobra Jet with the following factory production engine of the same make. Year of engine optional. Only those engines and/or bodies listed are eligible for the Factory Stock Showdown.


2014-2015 Camaro COPO 350

  •  530 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple

 2016-2018 Camaro COPO 350

  • 580 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple

2017-2018 Camaro COPO 350

  •  590 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple

2019 Camaro COPO 350

  • 630 HP Supercharged 2.65L Magnuson
    • Upper supercharger pulley size: (3.580) inches

2015 Challenger Drag Pak 354

  • 530 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple
  • 540 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple

2008 Mustang Cobra Jet 330

  •  425 HP Supercharged 2.3L Eaton

 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet 330

  • 435 HP Supercharged 2.3L Eaton
  • 500 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple

2012 Mustang Cobra Jet 330

  • 450 HP Supercharged 2.3L Eaton
  • 510 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple 

2013 Mustang Cobra Jet 302

  • 500 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple 

2014 Mustang Cobra Jet 302

  • 525 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple 
  • 560 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple 

2016 Mustang Cobra Jet 302

  • 565 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple
  • 575 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple 

2019 Mustang Cobra Jet 327

  • 610 HP Supercharged 3.0L Whipple
    • Upper supercharger pulley size: (3.750) inches

2019 Mustang Cobra Jet 351

  • 570 HP Supercharged 2.9L Whipple

Note: All other Stock Rules as found in the latest version of the NHRA Rulebook and NHRA Rulebook Amendments apply.

Points and Related Programs


The SamTech.edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown is a stand-alone program designed to showcase the Chevrolet COPO Camaro, Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, and the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. FSS cars participate in heads up competition at eight (8) National Events (Gainesville, Charlotte 1, Richmond, Topeka, Norwalk, Indianapolis, St Louis, Dallas). The quickest sixteen (16) FSS drivers following qualifying will advance to Eliminations (first round Saturday, remaining rounds Sunday – Sunday/Monday at U.S. Nationals).


Drivers competing in the SAMtech.edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Series will earn championship points at each of the 8 NHRA National events at which they compete. The points will be accumulated throughout the year, and an annual champion will be crowned in the series at the conclusion of the season. Points will be awarded as follow:


Winner                    100

Runner-up                80

Third-round              60

Second-round          40

First-round               20


Additional points are awarded at National Events as follows: 10 points to all drivers (in addition to round points) - one qualifying run required.


Qualifying positions earn points as follows:

1st                          8

2nd                         7

3rd                          6

4th                          5

5th & 6th                 4

7th & 8th                     3

9th thru 12th           2

13th thru 16th         1


Qualifying points will NOT be awarded at events where the entire 16-car field is determined by points standing.




If a tie exists (for any of the Top Ten positions) at the conclusion of the SAMtech.edu NHRA Factory Stock season, it shall be resolved as follows. If, after step one is followed a tie still remains, additional steps are to be followed until tie is broken.


1. Driver with most “head to head” victories wins tie.

2. Driver with most rounds won wins tie.

3. Driver with quickest average of their eight best qualifying elapsed-times wins tie. 

    Should a tie still exist, average of qualifying speeds will be used.




All vehicles participating in NHRA SAMtech Factory Stock events must prominently display the official Series logo as supplied by NHRA, to be eligible for competition. Logos must be properly displayed on both sides of the race vehicle to enter a National Event, to pass technical inspection, and to make any runs. Logos must continue to be properly displayed at all times during the conduct of any National Event. If a run is inadvertently allowed without proper logo usage, points may be withheld from any driver who fails to display the logos as required and all other penalties for rule violations shall also apply, including disqualification of any run, during qualifying or eliminations,

made without displaying the logos required.


In addition, no participant in an NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series event may display on his or her driver uniform, team uniform, vehicle, transporter, trailer, or in any other way at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series event site, any non-Mello Yello “Carbonated Soft Drink” beverage name, mark, logo, or other indicia, unless such Carbonated Soft Drink sponsorship is evidenced by a signed contract for FULL SEASON PRIMARY SPONSORSHIP existing as of August 29, 2012. “Carbonated Soft Drink” shall mean carbonated soft drinks and carbonated soft-drink branded products (whether or not the product is a carbonated soft drink or other beverage product) but NO PEPSICO PRODUCTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR TREATMENT UNDER THE GRANDFATHER CLAUSE. Full details of requirements to qualify under the Grandfather Clause are available from the NHRA Marketing Department. Any participant who violates the foregoing rule shall be banned from competition at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series event.


2019 SAMTech.edu NHRA Factory Stock Showdown Schedule


March 14-17 Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla.
April 26-28 NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, Charlotte, N.C.
May 17-19 Virginia NHRA Nationals, Richmond, Va.
June 7-9 Menards NHRA Heartland Nationals, Topeka, Kan.
June 20-23 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, Norwalk, Ohio
Aug. 28-Sept. 2 Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals, Indianapolis
Sept. 27-29 AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals, St. Louis
Oct. 17-20 AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals, Dallas